The Big Picture


Quote01Look closely.

Created with an incomparable interplay of deep soul and high-end skills and refinement, Robert’s stunning, large-scale prints can’t help but have a fundamental role in changing the way we see those things we think we’ve seen before. Radial-patterned sand dollars, crispy autumn leaves, powder-soft petals… caught and frozen to reveal fresh vitality and strangely alluring decay.

Each piece has quietness to it… a peaceful force. Our eyes find a place to rest… and they stay there. Pulled in. Immersive. Discovering inexhaustible points to focus upon. Facets we could never imagine. Deceptively, his reductive style presents us with a complexity we could never guess. It seems effortless; Robert’s work… his harmonious juxtaposition of beauty, strength and frailness.

But it isn’t. And that is just part of its’ brilliance.

There is no ambiguity in the mandate here. Robert, with intellectual vigour generously hands us irresistible opportunities to look at the world in ways that until now – with the significant technical advancements in photography – have been all but impossible. In doing so, the depth of details act to re-ignite an often-lost, child-like sense of discovery and invite an increased level of appreciation for our graceful planet.

Such gentle provocation. Such poignant pleas. Look closely. You will see that Robert has created his Biophilia Project to be perfect poetry.





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