Retouching Services and Prices

Standard Retouching                                                   $1.95/image

• Exposure/contrast improvement; deliver bright, crisp images
• Colour correction; harmonize daylight/artificial light sources
• Perspective/horizon line correction
• Sharpening
• Add/subtract highlights or shadow; enhance features
• Remove minor imperfections and distracting elements
Fast 24 hour turnaround
• Merging to HDR “fusion” photo, add  $0.05/image


Create a Clipping Path (Close-Cutting)             $3.50/image*

• Includes Standard Retouching (as above)
• Separate objects from background


Photo Restoration                                                         $9.95/image*

 Includes Standard Retouching (as above)
• Repair damaged photographs e.g. scratches, cracks, fading


Photo Composition                                                     $9.95/image*

• Includes Standard Retouching (as above)
• Add or remove object


* Price may vary depending on the complexity of the photograph. Estimates on request. There is a $20.00 minimum charge.